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Palm Sunday BBQ pictures

Click on the thumbnail to see the pictures from the Palm Sunday fish BBQ.

Baptism of Sebastiana Ivkin

Another baby got baptized at Holy Apostles! Welcome the newly illumined Sebastiana Ivkin and "Mnogaya Leta" to her whole family!

Baptism of Peter Dingman

Congratulations to the Dingmans for the baptism of their youngest son Peter!
See the pictures!

Theophany: yet another baptism at Holy Apostles

Congratulations to John (Joe) Harvest on his illumination!
Check the gallery to see the pictures of his baptism and Blessing of Waters at Willamette river.

The Christmas Party photos

Click on the thumbnail to see the pictures from 2008's Gingerbread House Contest and Christmas Party.

Pictures from St. Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, visited Holy Apostles on December 18th! See the pictures!

Photos from the women's Christmas social

Click on the picture to see photos from the wonderful Christmas social and luncheon for women that took place on December 8.

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