Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our services are limited, and the calendar may change frequently.

Holy Apostles ministry descriptions

Holy Apostles has many ministries designed to serve the needs of our church and community. Some ministries center on our church services, such as our choir, altar servers, chanters and readers. Others center on maintaining our property. Yet others center on fellowship, outreach and serving those in need. We hope that everyone in the parish finds a place to serve and participate.


Adult catechism

This ministry is designed to provide instruction to our catechumens who are preparing to become Orthodox Christians and inquirers who are interested in Orthodoxy. The classes cover many topics: historical, theological, life practice and tradition… The classes meet on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm following 6 pm vespers and are led by Fr. Michael.

Youth group

Teens and youth leaders meet together for additional fellowship opportunities and activities that are aimed at deepening their faith and enriching their bonds and experiences as young Orthodox Christians.

Sunday school

During the school year, each Sunday after the fellowship meal, our children go to Sunday School classes, with a break during the summer months. Volunteers serve as Sunday School Director, teachers, and classroom assistants. Dn. Alex Ivkin is our current Sunday School Director.

Administration and communications

Parish council

The Parish Council is the executive body that assists the parish priest in administration of Holy Apostles and is presided over by Fr. Michael. The parish council is comprised of the priest and other members elected by the Parish Assembly and any ex officio and appointed members as may be provided for by Diocesan or Parish Bylaws. The parish council seeks to foster the spiritual and material welfare of the parish and meets prayerfully at least once a month.


Holy Apostles distributes a monthly newsletter that shares spiritual reflections, community announcements, book reviews, recipes, artwork, photography, and other submissions from our clergy and congregation, and news and information from the Orthodox Christian world at large. Submissions for the newsletter can be sent to Tazsa Wells.


Occasionally Holy Apostles holds various events and drives to raise funds for special projects.
Bookstore: The Holy Apostles bookstore is in the process of development and once open, it will offer books, crosses, prayer ropes, candles, baptismal needs, and other Orthodox Christian items.

Lending library

The Holy Apostles Lending Library is on the 2nd story split between the central class area and the first classroom at the top of the stairs. Our Lending Library is a wonderful resource for those wishing to learn more about our Orthodox Christian Faith. Its collection also includes many classical and contemporary books. In addition we also have digital resources such as dvds and cds.

Information technology

The parish has a website and a Facebook page, uses an electronic mailing lists for intra-parish communication, an online calendar for scheduling, and other online and offline tools, such as the internet connection, printer/copier and desktop computer at the church. Volunteers support active online presence by posting Facebook updates, maintaining the website, and other informational assets.


This ministry serves God and His people as photographers for our church. Volunteer photographers document events in the life of Holy Apostles Orthodox Church by capturing beautiful moments in our Divine services, Festive events, and Community Building activities. These images are shared on our website and social media pages as well as in our newsletters and other communications. Photo submissions for the Holy Apostles Website may be sent to Dn. Alexei.


Please note: Ministries that involve the Liturgy and church services may require pastoral approval and training. Examples include altar servers, readers, adult choir members, and chanters.

Altar server/acolyte

During Liturgy a group of men and boys serve the needs of the Altar under the direction of the clergy. Volunteers are willing to undergo training and to be scheduled to serve during services throughout the year.


During church services, appointed scriptures and other texts are read by a Reader according to the Liturgical calendar under the direction of the clergy. A Reader is a man of good character who has been accepted into the minor clerical order through tonsure by a diocesan bishop, setting him to read in services, including the Divine Liturgy.


Our church choir consists of musically talented and dedicated volunteers who rehearse regularly under the direction of the choir director, Nika Cable. Church music is an important and integral part of our worship services that reflects the beauty and richness of our faith and theology.

Prosphora baker

Prosphora, a special bread used for communion, is required at each Liturgy. Volunteers make sure prosphora is provided for liturgy without fail. Volunteers prayerfully bake the prosphora and make sure it is delivered in a timely manner before Liturgy. Training is needed to properly and prayerfully bake the prosphora.


On various days throughout the year we decorate icons and the temple with flowers – most memorable are days like Palm Sunday and Pascha. Other days it may just be a vase of flowers and a garland draped over an icon. Volunteers are scheduled to assist in acquiring and arranging flowers for major feasts and other times flowers are needed during church services.

Building maintenance

Building search committee

The Holy Apostles Building/Site Search Committee is tasked with seeking available properties that suit the growing needs of our parish located within a roughly five mile radius of where our current church stands. Fr. Michael and the Parish Council oversee this committee which is comprised of clergy and laity.

Building improvement

The Holy Apostles Church building and grounds are in need of ongoing upkeep. Volunteers help with regular preventative maintenance, as well as repairs and improvements - plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting and exterior/internal repairs.

Sunday stewardship teams

Sunday Stewardship Teams are responsible for maintaining an inviting, clean, and friendly atmosphere at Holy Apostles. In the past this ministry was known as the color-coded clean up teams, and it has been renamed to help participants understand that this is truly a ministry of stewardship that all members of the parish can participate in. Sunday Stewardship Team members are responsible for working with other team members to clean the church according to the clean-up checklist posted on the bulletin board in the fellowship room.

Coffee and the grounds

The landscaping needs of our property is attended to by members of the church who meet on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month to care for our property by weeding, mowing, mulching, watering, planting, and pruning the plants, trees, and ground cover at Holy Apostles.

Mercy and charity

Grab ‘n’ go bags for homeless

Holy Apostles volunteers prepare care packages for the homeless by collecting useful items and assembling them into gallon sized zipper bags to pass out to the needy.

Adopt a family via open house ministries

Sponsor a family through the holidays by gifting items listed on their wish list.

Orthodox christians for life

Volunteers organize Orthodox Christians to participate in memorials and walks for life, attend pro-life events, assist pro-life organizations, and participate in fundraising efforts for birth centers like Options 360’s Baby Bottle Drive. We also engage in 40 Days for Life prayer challenges and other prayerful movements to raise awareness about the sanctity of life.


Members of the Holy Apostles hospitality team procure provisions for the church including coffees, teas, milks, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and other items needed for fellowship meals and special occasions or events. They also put the coffee and hot water on in the mornings before liturgy and set out the dishes and utensils for the meals.


Volunteers for this ministry visit people who are sick or shut-ins.

Meals for the sick & new mothers

Volunteers work with a meal coordinator to bring meals to families with new babies, and those who are sick or recovering from a medical procedure.

Visitor welcoming

Volunteers greet newcomers and make them feel welcome at Holy Apostles. They offer literature on Orthodoxy, and encourage visitors to stay for the fellowship meal and sit and visit with them and introduce them to the priest and others.

Fellowship and community building


The Holy Apostles sisterhood is comprised of all of the women in the church and volunteers organize various activities intended for deepening their faith and enriching their lives as Orthodox Christian women.


The Holy Apostles brotherhood is comprised of all of the men in the church and volunteers organize various activities intended for deepening their faith and enriching their lives as Orthodox Christian men.