Sunday school

Our Sunday school takes place from September untill early June. We have children of all ages in their six age groups learning about the joy, the beauty and the depth and of the Orthodox Christianity. The classes are taught by dedicated and experienced parishioners and clergy.


  • “Preschoolers” - Lives of the Saints, crafts and songs, mat. Xenia
  • “Early Elementary” - augmented Dr. Pat and OCEC curriculum, mat. Olga
  • “Middle Elementary” - augmented Dr. Pat and OCEC curriculum, Stephanie
  • “Late Elementary” - custom curriculum, dn. Alexander
  • “Teens” - custom curriculum/discussion groups, Matthew

Orthodox Sunday School class materials

  • Dr.Pat’s classes are here, repackaged for convinient access (ask dn. Alex for an invite if you can not access it). The originals are on Dr. Pat’s website.
  • OCEC materials are here.
  • Our own materials, developed by the Holy Apostles Sunday school teachers are below. You are free to use, distribute and modify it the way you like (CC-0 license).

Other school resources